The modern, digital hotel is comprised of interconnected devices and data analytics that enable new solutions and greater efficiency.


INTEREL considers this the Hotel of Things™.


INTEREL is developing the enabling technology and infrastructure to transform today’s hotel into a future-ready platform. By leveraging its connectBsmart™ and IoT technology for hotels, INTEREL is establishing a foundation for innovation and constantly improving sustainability, operational efficiency and guest experience.

Guest Room Management System

Online guest room controls for light and temperature,
enabling enhanced guest usability and energy management for hotels.

Hotel of ThingsTM

The platform enabling IoT in hospitality, connecting the physical world of hospitality.

Water Management System

Online bathroom control for showers, basins, bathtubs and bidets,
enabling significant water and energy savings.

Energy Management System

Achieve benefits of INTEREL connectBsmart IoT connectivity while also realizing savings
on operational expenses through energy management


INTEREL Appoints VP Global Key Accounts

October, 2017

Jolt Capital Invests 10M€ in INTEREL

7 September, 2017

INTEREL Appoints SVP Europe and SVP Americas

17 July, 2017