A hotel-wide ultra low energy multi protocol wireless infrastructure
A hotel-wide low energy low range wireless infrastructure is the enabler of the Internet of Things in your property. It allows thousands of devices and sensors to communicate with each other, building the foundation for hundreds of applications for hotel operators and guests, and serving as a key component of your Big Data strategy.

Built-into every INTEREL product

Because connectBsmartTM is built into powered and online INTEREL touch panels, any INTEREL solution contains the infrastructure needed to enable the Internet of Things in your hotel without any additional upfront expense. With our “IoT-as-a-Service” model you only pay for it when you start using it. Until then it will “just” be a beautiful thermostat or light switch.

An IoT Network for your entire hotel

INTEREL’s powered online devices act as gateway and infrastructure. With thousands of devices installed in every hotel this is the most powerful and future proof low energy wireless network for hospitality, enabling many use cases such as iBeacons, wireless air quality sensors, minibar door contacts, door lock integrations and more.

Your next must-have hotel infrastructure

Hotels can confidently roll out their Internet of Things strategy with this solid infrastructure as foundation. Build on your mobile strategy with hundreds of app enabled use cases based on connectBsmartTM. Just as WiFi became the standard to bring your guests online, connectBsmartTM will be your infrastructure for IoT devices to come online.


connectBsmartTM enables the Hotel of Things through ZigBee, Bluetooth and many other legacy protocols, bringing your devices online, allowing “Things” to exchange data. It also helps to get to know your guest’s behaviour better and to optimize operations.

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Indoor micro-locationing enables way finding and location-based marketing. Allow guests to navigate your hotel or resort, enable parents to always know where their kids are, follow your staff’s work path, or track valuable assets to reduce shrinkage and allow your operations to act smarter.

App enabled use cases allow for new guest experiences in your mobile strategy. Send promotions relevant to your guest’s location to empower your marketing team and provide information to your guests depending on their location to make their journey more seamless and context sensitive.

The connectBsmartTM Infrastructure as a Service for third party sensors and smart devices to communicate and exchange data allows you to future proof your hotel for the IoT revolution. Bring your door locks online, deploy air quality sensors, let your minibar tell you it needs refilling – the possibilities are endless.


connectBsmartTM has been voted most innovative hospitality technology by HTNG, an association that fosters the development of next-generation solutions.

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