INTEREL’s solutions can be integrated with all leading Property Management Systems (PMS) to exchange information about room status, guest profile data and more, in order to enable advanced energy saving workflows, personalization and operational efficiency.

Advanced Energy Management

Reduce energy consumption by adjusting heating and cooling effort based on occupancy. Prepare the room for arriving guests in advance with automatic pre-cooling or heating.

Guest Personalisation

Automatically set preferred room temperature based on the information in the hotel’s guest profile, and even adjust the lighting to the guest’s preferred scene before their arrival.

Operational Efficiency

Reset the room on check out automatically for the following guests to increase efficiency of housekeeping. Synchronise room status such as Do Not Disturb or Make Up Room with the PMS to see all information in one place.


Hotels utilizing the INTEREL GRMS to enable their guests to control light, climate and request housekeeping, butler service and more can benefit from increased operational automation and an improved ability to service guests more efficiently through integration with the most commonly used Request and Service Management systems.

Anytime a guest makes a request for assistance from the hotel via the INTEREL glass panel in the room, the system immediately and automatically raises a work order ticket in the Service Management system, where the correct member of staff is assigned to assist. Once the request is in process, the guest can receive feedback in the room to know their query is being attended to, creating a seamless and direct interaction.

Better & Faster Service

Assist guests more quickly and efficiently through automation. Avoid human errors and increase guest satisfaction.

Reduce Learning Curves

Enable your staff to use the tools they know best through seamless integration, rather than relying in dispersed systems for managing guest requests.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Use the power of your existing request management system to its full extent, track staff performance and increase operational efficiency.


INTEREL’s Guest Room Management Solution complements and enhances Building Management Systems seamlessly. Integrate the information collected by the GRMS in the rooms with your BMS for central access to all energy related information in the building.


Compatibility with all major BMS providers and communication standards through a flexible interface allows the exchange of temperature data, thermostat set point, light scene status, guest presence in the room and more, enabling the BMS to take this data into account for calculation of consumption across the building, plotting of  historic trends and other advanced features relevant for the property and brand engineering team.

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