Digital room control

INTEREL allows your digital guest experience providers to integrate guest room control functions into their mobile, tablet, TV applications as well as voice control solutions, enabling your guests to control their environment with the touch of a button or through simple voice commands from one central place.


Our existing interfaces to many of the leading TV, App and Voice solution providers make integration seamless, cost-effective and reduce the time for development and deployment.


With our secure, feature rich and flexible real-time API (Application Programming Interface), development of new interfaces is fast and easy and allows third parties to match the design and user experience with the rest of their application for a consistent guest experience.


Thanks to the flexibility of INTEREL’s proprietary scripting language, guests are able to control their entire room from a tablet, mobile, TV or via voice, including light scenes, curtains and blinds, heating and cooling, as well as setting Do Not Disturb or Make Up Room and Butler functions. Physical controls in the room can be recreated digitally or completely new functions can be customised for the digital experience

Example Use Case

Augmented Reality Application

Built with the INTEREL API and our award winning Augmented Reality SDK (Software Development Kit), hotels are able to create the most elegant and intuitive user interface for their guests. The Augmented Reality SDK allows third parties to create and embed a virtual representation of the guest room into their application, enabling direct control of all aspects of the room with the touch of a finger. Want to turn on a light? Just touch it on the tablet!

Watch the video to see news coverage of a successful implementation of the Augmented Reality SDK powered by our industry leading APIs at Prince Hotel Kioicho in Tokyo, Japan. The application allows guests to control lights, heating and cooling, curtains and service requests from a tablet with the touch of a finger on their virtual room.

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