The platform enabling IoT in hospitality
INTEREL is developing the enabling technology and infrastructure to transform today’s hotel into a future-ready platform. By leveraging its connectBsmart™ and IoT technology for hotels, INTEREL is establishing a foundation for innovation and constantly improving sustainability, operational efficiency and guest experience.

Connecting people, devices and data

Building on the trend in the consumer environment, the Internet of Things is going to enable thousands of smart sensors and devices in every hotel in the coming years, powering new applications and enhancing operations. These devices and sensors will communicate data for analysis, require management and optimization as well as integration with other hotel systems. Hotel of Things is our platform that enables all this and creates an ecosystem that connects people, devices and data.

Brand Platform

Hotels can confidently roll out their Internet of Things strategy with a solid infrastructure as foundation, that is built as multi-property solution from the ground up. Manage, compare and optimize your hotels centrally.

Security in IoT 

The complexity of the hotel environment makes it vulnerable to multiple points of attack. End2End security guarantees encryption and authentication between end points independently from any infrastructure.


Hotel of Things is a platform for integration between devices and systems of different vendors, enabling you to make the most out of your applications through partners and developers.

Big Data

Connected devices will collect new types of data in hotels, covering all aspects from guest behavior, staff performance as well as equipment and environmental conditions. Hotel of Things brings this information together for analysis, enabling you to take actions and optimize all aspects of hospitality operations.