INTEREL. Not just another thermostat.

The future of hospitality energy management.

INTEREL is an award-winning energy management and guest-room control solution with products ranging from low-cost, WiFi networked thermostats to complete and complex luxury guest-room control for lights, drapery, guest services and more. A hospitality focused company, INTEREL is deployed in more than 45 countries and used by more than 30 Million guests in hotel rooms across the globe.

At INTEREL, we power the modern hotel through our Hotel of Things™ ecosystem by connecting people, devices and data. With our award-winning connectBsmart™ IoT infrastructure built into our systems, we revolutionize the guest experience, increase operational efficiency, and drive sustainability in the hospitality industry.

Now, INTEREL is pleased to introduce its newest thermostat platform – EOS.

  • WiFi Thermostat
  • Hotel Brand Approved
  • Energy Management
  • Superior Guest Experience
  • Construction Cost Savings
  • Wireless Door Lock Support
  • Innovative Presence Sensing
  • Future Proof, Scalable Platform

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New Construction Solutions

INTEREL provides design engineering services for hotel guest-room projects to ensure cost-effective construction and flawless guest experiences. Beginning early in the process, we work with developers and contractors on strategies to reduce the Total Project Cost of a guest-room system.

When designing a new property, the in-room solutions should not be based on old technology that may be obsolete before the first guest arrives. A platform that adapts to changing needs, provides the owner and operator with the ultimate guest-room control, and reduces the total in-room technology investment is the obvious choice.

INTEREL’s Guest Room Management Solutions include energy management, door lock and lighting controls for occupancy-based lighting controls (meets Marriott CFST requirements and CA Title 24 compliance).

Hospitality WiFi Thermostat

Affordably leverage your existing WiFi infrastructure to network your guest room energy management and devices.

With the first WiFi thermostat for the hospitality industry, INTEREL is transforming the way hotels think about in-room technology. By utilizing the wireless connectivity in INTEREL’s thermostats, signals from a variety of devices in the guest room can be streamlined, such as door locks. Partnering with the best the industry has to offer, including Hafele, Saflok, Salto and VingCard, these wireless door locks use INTEREL’s infrastructure to go online, removing the need for duplicate networks and cable runs, and reducing the cost of infrastructure for the hotelier.

BLE and Bluetooth Beacon

Prepare for the next wave of technology with modern solutions that are built for adaptability.

The hospitality industry is seeing the rapid adoption of BLE and Bluetooth, which is creating dramatic changes in guest-room technology. From door locks to guest carried devices, leveraging this technology will become even more important in the near future.

INTEREL products, including thermostats and light switch panels, include Bluetooth radios to make sure the guest room is ready for supporting these emerging solutions. Whether it is supporting Staff Panic Alerts or asset tracking for an improved guest experience, INTEREL is working to ensure your guest room is “Future Ready” for the next wave of technology.

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Deployed in more than 45 countries and used by more than 30 Million guests, INTEREL’s energy management, room control, and Internet of Things solutions provide a platform that keeps hotel technology relevant over time, and a lower total project cost initially.