Door Lock Integrations

Integrating the INTEREL Guest Room Management Solution with your door lock & access control solution is the perfect example of a synergy where the sum is more than the parts: Advanced guest presence detection with better comfort for guests and optimized energy usage, simplified and more powerful operational workflows and savings in infrastructure are just some of the benefits.

Fast and reliable

Bringing door locks online via a room level integration allows for advanced and reliable real time data exchange between the GRMS and the Lock system, enabling new use cases and operational benefits.

Save on Infrastructure

Use the INTEREL GRMS infrastructure to bring door locks online in the most cost effective way. Use the full functionality of an online lock system without additional costs for wiring or installing a separate wireless infrastructure.

Compatible with your system

The INTEREL GRMS can be integrated with all leading provider’s hospitality door lock solutions out of the box for fast and cost effective deployment.

Example Use Cases

Make your guests feel welcome. Turn on the lights and set their preferred temperature the moment they open the door.

Advance your energy savings. Combine events from the lock with a motion sensor to save on energy usage without requiring your guests to deal with card pockets.

Improve your staff workflows. Set the perfect cleaning conditions for housekeeping automatically and return everything for the guest when your team is done.

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